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  All floor 1 maps on this site are real stores!
Store and Building Directiories

Announcing a new series of products , Store and Building Directories with or without maps ,and interactive . A Store Directory requires a large/fast database while even the largest building only needs a much smaller database. A Building Directory may need no maps or many small maps, one for each floor. The editor for the database is included, so your customers use it. You edit it!"  click here

Retailers: How high is your findabiliy index? In the 90s?   No!  Then you need StoreDir!

Consider a store that operates 6:00 AM. to Midnight (18.0 hrs/day), the hardlines personnel are in the store 8:00 AM. to 9:30 PM, (13.5 hrs/day). This is 4.5 hours daily (about 1630 hours per year) when no one can easily help a customer. In a 24 hour operation, the numbers are more significant. In addition, when you add in the hours from interruptions of personnel answering "Where is ....?" all day, the total hours lost can be staggering. If this is the situation you need StoreDir!

If you have even one customer per month leave the store without finding what they are looking for even though it is an in stock item, you need customer assistance with StoreDir!  If you do not have personnel nor resources to have adequate customer service at all hours, you need our interactive store directory software StoreDir!  

Retail Fact: About two-thirds of women and three-fourths of men left retail stores without making a purchase!

New features available single entry programming of4-ways, rounders and other fixtures. A slightly limited working version may be requested for FREE.

Consumers : Imagine; It is 11:00 PM and you are going to the grocery store for steak and motor oil. Your spouse asks you to also bring home some flat toothpicks. At the store (this one has 100,000sq.ft and about 200,000 different items) you have found the motor oil and steak but finding the toothpicks is another story.   The only personnel in the store are up front, you ask them for help. Their answer "Try the cake mix aisle." After 15 minutes the front manager locates the toothpicks below the spices.

How many times has this happened to you? Tell the manager you know a solution, our interactive program for retail stores,StoreDir which is three primary databases with graphic text and maps. You may download a demo version NOW.

Pet Owners: Our Award Winning pet care and handling information pages Animals, Animals. Animals and The Blue Hare.

If you have not visited a Red Cross site to find out where and how Donate Blood or money to the Red Cross There is a permanent Link on our download and local links page, accessed below.

As Red Cross Volunteers for more than 30 years as local Bloodmobile Coordinators. We recommend helping the victims of Hurricane Katrina, Haiti and other disasters through the American Red Cross.


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More about our interactive program The demo is a three floor, multiuse building. Occupied (non public) areas may be hidden! StoreDir, Version 2.2

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