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Find! Demo
Find! Demo Program this is the entire working program. It nearly the same as the actual program, The Logo, location, name and serial number are unchangeable. Preferred Screen is 1920x1080x256colors.

spacer.gif Find! will run aanywhere it is installed, so copy the *.exe files where you would like.
spacer.gif Once you have run the *.exe read the READ_ME!!!

spacer.gif All downdloads are checked with Norton© and Vipre©.

spacer.gif English and French for all screens, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish for the customer screens.

spacer.gif Your Screen may not match!

spacer.gif to delete Find! demo delete the entire directory

Find! windows7 - Find!demo.exe click here  

Find! demo for windows10 - Find!demo64.exe click here


Find! Demo's Item data file is too small to be useful in nearly any store.

Please email us for the latest working version, of Find! Demo Program.  Is nearly the same as the actual program, The Logo, location, name and serial number and backup type are unchangeable.

Find! demo's product data file is too small to be useful in nearly any store. find is available free on CD. It now has several fixs and several new features, the Calulator now works within the editor and when upgrades are available the two major databases and be saved in an encripted ASCII format datafile for easy upgrades. Find! WILL WORK ON Windows Xp© thru windows 10©, 32 bit.

Please email your name , address and your store's logo 1" to 2" in height. We are able to convert the format of the logo, if needed.

If you download Find! Demo , please contact us for a list of hidden features and passwords!

If you rewrite the store map to fit your store and you wish to keep these, You must contact Blue Hare Software in order to use them in the non Demo



Collectors is based on a part of Find! details can be found here. click here


We have new grahics unit Wingraph© which is part of the new version of Find! for Windows xp© thru windows 10© 32bit.


Additional Downloads

Find! 's Manual manual.zip   514 K bytes .

FREE html 4.0 specifications html40.zip   942 K bytes .

B-Tree demo souce code with flashfiler source turbopower.zip   26,697 K bytes


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