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When the first screen loads the customer's (name address...) encrypted, will have been checked with an another location with different form of encrypted data. If not matched a variation of OOPS will loop continuously! Only a reboot will solve this! Only a phone call or a email will solve this!

Note: Our logo has changed to be a more realistic hare.

Collector main Screen

If you answer Alt M the bottom of the screen will change to:

Collector editor main index
A Add with the first line entered.

B Copy this will make an exact copy of the record. You should make a few changes in the record so they are not exact.

C Delete You will get two chances to say no to delete.

D edit no graphic

D edit with graphic Note: line E Graphic Label clady is converted to "graph\clady.bmp"

To put images as (above) into this system you need IrfanView (free) Install it before trying to add graphics into collectors.

To convert the picture to a bitmap file: get any needed pictures into a directory you can find!
1. load IrfanView select a rectangular area and copy to the clipboard.

2. Adjust its size up to 500 Wide and 550 Height.
3. Copy from the clipboard.
4. Save it to a bitmap (BMP) file in collector\graphic\newname.bmp newname is the name of your graphic.

To make searching easier: put in words like book, poetry, art or graphic in the first four lines.
The fifth line E. is the graphic name ie: clady is clady.bmp.
Note: after you get collector there are only two graphic files clady.bmp & hypo.bmp.

E List no editing (no number column)he A an B keys allow you to scroll the entries.

F Print a text list placed in collector\docs

G Rekey writes all not deleted records to the disk, clears the database then re-reads the data into the database.

H Hide an entry (Soft Delete).

I Unhide an entry (restore)

J Writes all not deleted records to the disk.

K Clears the database then re-reads the data into the database.

To Find your screen:
On a clear area of the screen RIGHT CLICK ON SCREEN RESOLUTION (1920 x 1080) (1280 x 800 )

B Utilities main index this is pass worded with the short password.

Keyboard (for multi-lingual use) only is active when Collectors is operating.

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Windows 7 windows 10 only vary in the text files for the same screen.
A SVGA screen capable of at least 1024x760 pixels x 256 colors. This was programmed for a 1620 x 1080 screen.

Passwords needed for Collectors
* simple password
A long password is unused in Collector.

100 MHZ and a SVGA screen capable of at least 1024x760 pixels x 256 colors

Files transferred to the hard disk and put in collectors directory;
collectors. EXE - The Program
collect.Ico - icon for the desktop

In a subdirectory DATA are several database files and at least two required *.txt files;

bhs.sys hidden
products.IX Text made when rekeying the file.
lang2.txt Language abbreviation, used everywhere.

The subdirectory LANG is critical as all screens are driven by text files:

All screens are text files which may be edited to: correct spelling, wording, positions, rotation, color and font!

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