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Animals, Animals, Animals and the Blue Hare

Compiled by: Allen Harrington - Webmaster/Owner

Featured Sites - A new page for people who train and supply service animals.


graphic D edication:
To all the pets which did not have healthier, happier and longer lives, because their owners did not have the information on these pages.

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General(Umbrella) Information Sources

spacer explore.org: Explore creates a portal into the soul of humanity by championing the selfless acts of others. Has many sites with live webcams:
Birds, Owls, Puffins, Penguins, Osprey and Terns, Fish: several sites. Mammals: service dogs,
spacer Polar Bears, Brown Bears and seals also Pandas. There is a category called Zen Den: tree cams, Hawaii waves,
Northern Lights and Lake Tahoe, Cal. Enjoy the sunset from our Santa Monica offices. click here

Annenberg Foundation Advancing Public Well-Being Through Improved Communication. spacer click here

spacer American Veterinary Medical Association: pet care info for dogs, cats, horses & other info. click here

spacer Healthy pets: American Animal Hospital Association click here

spacer Pet Safety: www.expertise.com - Many pet owners do not think to look to the risks that exist for their pets in their own home. Many helpful pages. click here

spacer Pet Guardion Angels of America: Information on pet care, enjoyment and welfare protection. click here

spacer PetStation: Small animal medley. click here

spacer ASPCA - Keep your pets Safe click here

spacer R. C. Hagen: pet birds, cats, dogs, ferrets, fish hampsters, ponds, rabbits, reptiles and What's New. click here

spacer Robyn Rhudy's Homepage: Visit all of her over 200 web pages Specializing in Nature, Animals, Fish, and ponds click here

spacer Waltham Corp.: Good care and feeding site for common pets. click here

spacer Zoological Record: Zoological Society of London, an excellent scientific links. click here

spacer Encyclopedia of Life The beginning of our exciting journey to document all species of life on Earth. Comprehensive, collaborative, ever-growing, the Encyclopedia of Life is an ecosystem of websites that makes all key information about all life on Earth available. click here

spacer Vet Tech Search Vet Tech Schools, Veterinarian Technician programs help students start their careers as veterinarian, teaching them skills and knowledge about animal healthcare. click here

On-Line pet Magazines

spacer Angel Animals: We share stories about how animals help people live better lives and there are many stories about healing both the pet and person. click here

spacer Pets Magazine features information on pet health care, nutrition, and general care for owners of dogs, cats, rabbits and more. humor, a popular photo contest and much more. click here

Pet Magazines

spacer Lumna media: Magazines on most pets. click here


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A complete Index of Animals, Animals, Animals and the Blue Hare click here


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