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Reptiles - Snakes, Lizards, Tarantulas, Amphibians & Scorpions

Note: many of these links are slow due to their pictures.


Reptiles and Amphibians

spacer Anapsid.org - Reptile & Amphibian Care Information Collection: Mellisa Kaplin's list is an excellent source of herpetology info. click here

spacer Chameleon Care & Information Center (CCIC) The CCIC provides a thorough information source on captive care and natural history for the family Chamaeleonidae. This includes species profiles, CITES information, acclimation information and a plethora of other information. click here

spacer Canadian Museum of Natural History: Natural History Notebook. click here

spacer Living Art Reptiles is a private breeding facility. They work with a collection of Ball Pythons which allows them to focus on care and maintenance of their reptiles. click here

spacer The Turtle Souce Information and links. click here

spacer Colorado Herpetological Society: Guide to Reptiles and Amphibians of colorado. click here

spacer Frogland: A very good frog site links, art, FAQs, jokes cricket care and more. click here

spacer Gila Monster: A comprehensive resource you'll find covering the natural history of the Gila monster. click here

spacer Herpetology.com: Herpetology is the scientific study of reptiles - links of interest. click here

spacer Herp center Reptile Forums - dedicated to providing its members with information pertaining to reptiles in a friendly, online community. click here

spacer Kingsnake.com: Features, Forum, Chat, bookstore, Breeders/Retail, Hetpindex, Search and more. click here

spacer PGAA: Iguannas and books. click here

spacer Snake descriptions: Information and links. click here

spacer On-line breeders & Accessories
click here


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spacer American Tarantula Society: The Largest Arachnid Society In The World. click here

spacer James Cokendolpher's Home Page: A Biologist's pages click here

spacer Popular Pet Tarantulas: A good set of links. click here


spacer Hey! A Scorpion Stung Me! What to do, and how to avoid getting bitten in the first place. click here

spacer On-line breeders & Accessories click here


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