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Building interactive directories

(our customer service software) new manual in both reference and step-by-step with graphics will be included with the software. The new graphics engine makes line graphics and labels addressing work the same way. Also this makes programming or changing the map much easier.

These programs are similar to the current demo version of
our download page.

. Approximately1,000,000 product sites (about 1,500,000 to 7,000,000 products) on a per map (multi use multistory) (limits depend upon the
   memory and disk size and Operating System.)
. No logo - If our customer has a logo and can convert to graphics (type *.bmp) it may be used. If not Blue Hare Software will
   convert it for you at a nominal cost.
. The store name and address may be entered only once via the install program.
. The store name and address may be entered only once via the install program.

. We will at extra cost, write the map and/or put in the basic product sites, RECOMMENDED 60 days for payment or software will not run even if reloaded from the original zipped file.
. Upon purchase and registration a printed installation manual will be sent along with a short enable program.
Price note: will vary depending upon complexity ( #floors, locations/ floor and language).


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