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Imagine a store that operates 6:00 AM. to Midnight (18.0 hrs/day), the hardlines personnel are in the store 8:00 AM. to 9:30 PM, (13.5 hrs/day). This is 4.5 hours daily (about 1630 hours per year) when no one can easily help a customer. In a 24 hour operation, the numbers are more significant. In addition, when you add in the hours from interruptions of personnel answering "Where is ....?" all day, the total hours lost can be
staggering. If this is the situation you need Find!

If you have even one customer per month leave the store without finding the Item that they are looking for even though it is an in stock Item, you need

If you do not have personnel nor resources to have adequate customer service at all hours, you need
Find! aids shopping as most customers will not use Find! except when they cannot find a specific Item.

Find! Find! does not eliminate browsing, within the establishment. Find! will cause the customer to pass ends and promotional displays.

Most of the Items in the store are like soup, if a type of soup is requested the general location for soup is shown on
Find!'s maps

In Achieving Excellence Through Customer Service by John Tschohl, President of Service Quality Institute , it shows that if each store, in a 100 store chain, lost only one customer per day the loss estimate would be $94.4 million per year. If your situation is similar then you need

Find! Specifications
is multi-floor, mixed use, multi-language system with maps for each floor. These may include: retail stores with their products, offices, business and living space (private space is hidden.)

As building get larger with a wider variety of products the amount of frustration exhibited among some customers trying to find products increases. Find!'s purpose is to help you reduce this reaction significantly.

Find! is an interactive customer service directory designed to be easy customer use and and as an aid for your employees helping customers. Several variations are available for retail stores, multi use buildings or Malls with 40,000 to over a Billion SKUs.

All screens are text files which may be edited to: correct spelling, wording, positions, rotation, color and font!
After initial installation you may update data products(items) or map elements without involing Blue Hare Software!

 First Customer Screen
  Customer Screen1

langb.bmp screen

Find! This shows the language bar on the prompt bar for the default language for the "day".

Find! will partially relieve your clerks of the task of giving directions to so many customers unfamiliar with product locations. The customer may press MAP without any other entry or may enter: brand or common name of an Item. After this entry
will: Display a screen containing up to 8 lines of location and "See Also" information to aid the customer for a more detailed search. Batteries often have four primary locations depending on their type; Electrical, Auto, Electronics and Jewelry. Next and Previous (Up and Down) keys are available for finding similar products. The number of Next/Previous operations is limited to avoid a single customer tying up your system. A customer also may enter a business name or apartment number.

Item found screen
Customer Screen2
This shows the Item Found screen. Below are various "Acceptable Errors" that may occur. The frequency of these will reduce as the data bases grow.

"The Item has not been located and has been added to a Not Found Database for later review." Find! will try a partial key search. After the first pass through the keys the entry will be shortened then the search will repeat.
Find! will always find something, at least a screen thanking the customer for using your store's system.

Find! map with Items' location, 1920x1080x256 original image.{in French}
A map of a store
spacer.gif spacer.gif Find!'s Keyboard
A map of a store
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