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Awards received for Our Whole Site and Animals, Animals, Animals and the Blue Hare


Our first award was received on Tuesday, May 11, 1998, Blue Hare Software's web site, www.blue-hare.com was awarded a citation as "one of the most interesting sites on the web" by Software 'N' Stuff.

We wish to thank all of those people and organizations who presented our site with these awards. The awards are in two groups the rated awards and unrated awards, the order is by rating and date. The Award Sites ratings are by Focus Associates. 5.0 is the highest rating. Please visit these sites, and vote for us when applicable.

These Awards come from a very eclectic group; a dog breeder in Belgium, A farmer's wife in Oregon, graphic and web site developers, a high fashion model, college students and marketing companies.

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All awards are shown in thumbnail format as below, click on the award for a full size view of the award.


Rated 5.0

Learning Fountain
Congratulations! Your site is now a "LEARNING FOUNTAIN". The Learning Fountain is not so much an award as it is a statement of the way you do business. This Site is closed. click here

Received: July 19, 1999


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